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Improve the health of you and your baby 

The first question you may have asked when you found out you were pregnant was, "what can I eat?!". There are so many resources available about what foods to avoid during pregnancy but much of the information out there doesn't touch on what you CAN eat. Whether you are looking for basic nutritional support  or are interested in throrough diet counseling, As a registered dietitian specializing in prenatal nutrition, I can help you fuel your body with real food throughout your pregnancy and post-partum journey.


"At the start of my first pregnancy, the idea of tracking nutrition or trying to filter through all the information out there about what not to eat and what to eat was overwhelming. Maggie worked with me to not only ease any stress around getting the proper nutrients, but also to help me plan easy ways to integrate nutrient dense foods into my normal diet. She was incredibly helpful in making suggestions and explaining why those foods were important for the baby’s development. I absolutely recommend working with her, especially for your first pregnancy, to help understand how important nutrition and how a few easy changes can make a big difference!"

Stephanie F

"Eating and nourishing can be worlds apart"

German Proverb


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